The //Goetze.IT foundation, is a private non profit and autonomous organization based in Viareggio, Italy, supporting the field of technical innovation. //Goetze.IT was founded by Christoph Goetze in 2002 to identify and support projects which preserve the privacy of the end user. The organization currently operates in different countries and supports the work of any project which ask for support. //Goetze.IT also creates what it calls "blueprint" of best practices that map the commonalities and intersections of key principles that guide Fellows’ individual solutions. //Goetze.IT deals since 2010 reinforced with cloud services.

The team of //Goetze.IT comes from different countries and has been found by participating in different SIGs. The compilation is based on both personal acceptance of core competencies as well as the personality and the consequent attitude to privacy.

In the years 2002-2010, most projects was addressed with secured communication paths in heterogeneous environments and the administration of these were without the System Administators have access to the data.

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